Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj

Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj
89th Parkash Divaas – 29 October 2009

The foundations of the Sikh religion were propagated by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji five centuries ago. Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji is the present Guru of this glorious tradition. He is spreading the message of service, meditation to His holy Name, and universal welfare. He has kept alive and made improvements to the visions of Satguru Ram Singh Ji.

Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji was born to mother Bhupinder Kaur and father Satguru Pratap Singh Ji at Sri Bhaini Sahib on 8th Maghar 1977 Bikrmi Kattak Sudi Ikadshi (November 22, 1920 AD) in the early hours of the day at 4’o clock. He got his early education of learning the Gurmukhi alphabets from his father, Satguru Pratap Singh Ji, who used to teach him by writing on a wooden takhti.( board). He started learning classical music right from when he was just four years old, from Ustad Harnam Singh Ji of Chawinda. He had his primary and high education from the Gurmat Vidyala, Sri Bhaini Sahib where Punjabi , Hindi, English and Sanskrit languages were being taught. There was arrangement for teaching horticulture and workmanship at the school itself where the learners were taught correct recitation and reading of gurbani, classical music, gurbani kirtan, knowledge of pingal as well. this Vidyala was like the Ashrams of ancient saints where guru’s children used to learn like other learners. They mixed up with their companions and played kabbadi, khiddo-kundi,football, gatka and swimming. They took part in horse riding and polo games. They also gained knowledge about the husbandry practices and health care of cows, buffaloes, horses. In those days, he was respectfully referred to as ‘Beant Ji’.

As time matured he enthusiastically took part in religious, social and political activities as per orders of his revered father. People paid him respect by referring him as ” Wadday Baba Ji”. The elder Baba Ji played a major role in the purchase of area for Sri Jeewan Nagar and developing it for rehabilitation.

Sri Satguru Pratap Singh Ji left for his heavenly abode in the night between 5 and 6 Bhadron of 2016 Vikrmi ( 1959 AD) and Satguru Jagjit Singh Singh Ji was bestowed as the next guru of sikhs.


It would be impossible to list all the achievements attained by Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji.

The programs for the promotion of Sikh way of life & culture have always been the forefront of satguru ji’s teachings. The single most important instruction He gives to all sikhs is to take part in the sadh sangat and do naam-simran.

Along with uncountable achievements Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji has :

  • Three times conducted 125,000 paaths of Sri Adi Guru Granth Sahib.
  • Organized 125,000 paaths of Chandi Di Waar
  • Five times performed great hawan yagyas.
  • From the time of Satguru Pratap Singh Ji, the operation of two different akhand ( proceeding without break) varnis have increased to sixteen.
  • The annual Nam-Simran Jap Prayog (meditation of God’s name) has expanded to different towns in diverse parts of the world such as Thailand, Africa, England, Germany, America, Canada etc where thousands of Namdhari Sikhs take part in the meditation activity for at least eight hours daily
  • A continuous Nam-Simran Jap (meditation of God’s name) is ongoing at Sri Bhaini Sahib since 1986, wherein children, youth and the old aged from 5 to 95yrs take part from the early hours of the morning.Promoted the religion of music: Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji has promoted that kirtan is performed using melodious sounds of instruments like rabab, sitar, sarod, saranda, santoor, sarangi, dilruba and flute instead of harmonium. He wants the sound of sangeet to radiate from every namdhari family. This is in accordance to the verdict of Gurbani “Ghar ghar andar dharamsal howay kirtan sada vasoya“.
  • He organized several sangeet sammelans (musical festivals) in the memory of Satguru Pratap Singh Ji on several occasions wherein the music lovers could listen to the performance by Shiromani musicians without any ticket charges.
  • Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji has created world- leading musicians specialising in Indian classical instruments abd music.
  • Establishment of ‘Namdhari Seeds’ that is a world famous seed company engaged in the production of vegetable and flowering plant seeds.
  • He established an organization ‘ Sarab Hind Namdhari Vidyak Sanstha ‘ ( All India Namdhari Educational Organization) in 1964-65 to bring educated Namdhari youth on one platform & protect the youth from the ill-effects of western culture.
  • In 1981 Vishwa Namdhari Vidyak Jatha (Women Wing) was established in which young namdhari women endeavored to make successful efforts in the direction of staying away from fashion, stopping giving and accepting dowry, and conserving the rich culture and heritage of our faith.
  • As a lover for sports, Satguru Ji established The Namdhari Hockey Team at Sri Bhaini Sahib This team has made significant strides and attained international recognition.
  • Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji has elevated the status of thousands of Sikhs. Pandit Rajan Sajan Mishra are classic personalities which bear proof of this. Pandit Rajan Sajan Mishra used to say, “We had never imagined that one day we will be so much reputed. Whatever we are today is due to the blessings of Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji”Education
  • Satguru Ji has always emphasised equal opportunities for both men and women in the field of education.
  • Many Namdhari educational institutes such as Atal Partapi, Kanya Maha Vidyalaya at Sant Nagar, Shaheed Bishan Singh Memorial Higher Secondary School, Delhi, Satguru Partap Singh Academy, Sri Bhaini Sahib, Namdhari schools at Mandi (HP) and Sirsa (Haryana) are in service. An International School is running at Bangkok (Thailand) wherein students from 13 countries are getting education. Satguru Partap Singh Ji established Satguru Hari Singh Maha Vidyalaya that was later on developed as a full fledged Satguru Hari Singh College by Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji.
  • Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji has made several successful efforts for the development of the mother tongue, Punjabi. He has sent scholars for Punjabi teaching to Sikhs living outside India. He has also organized International Conferences and cooperated with the organizations engaged in the promotion of Punjabi in all achievable ways.
  • Additionally, ‘Satguru Ram Singh Chair’ was established in Sampurana Nand Sanskrit University, Banaras and later at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar to propagate the phisolophy of Satguru Ram Singh Ji.
  • Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji celebrated many centenaries to en kindle the name and philosophy of Sikhism all over the world. The 500 years Birthday Celebration of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in 1969 AD, the Anand Karaj Centenary in 1963 AD, Exile Centenary of Satguru Ram Singh Ji in 1972, Birth Anniversary Centenary of Satguru Partap Singh Ji in 1989-90, Three hundredth Khalsa Creation Year in 1999, 400th Birth Anniversary of Guru Angad Dev Ji in 2004 and the 150th anniversary of birth of Namdhari Movement were celebrated with great fervour.Projects and improvements to Sri Bhaini Sahib
  • Sri Bhaini Sahib has been given a new face lift as it is the epi-center of national freedom struggle. Further, memorials at the birth place of Satguru Ram Singh Ji at Raeean, Shaheedi Samaraks at Malerkotla, Ludhiana and Amritsar. The dream of Satguru Partap Singh Ji was fulfilled with the construction of the super-specialist SGPS Apollo Hospital in Ludhiana.International Stage
  • Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji , by participating in all-religion programmes has brought creditable glory to the Sikh religion at national and international levels. In 1961 he visited Japan where there is a reputed University of Budhism. Students go there in search of knowledge about Budhism. Satguru Ji participated in a religious discourse there. Here Satguru Ji said the famous words ” Boliyay sach dharam jhooth na boliyay”, when He was asked which was the best religion in the world. Satguru Ji took part in various seminars including the conference of the World Peace Council, the Parliament of World Religions at Cape Town (South Africa) in 1999, the 34th World Vegetarians Conference at Toronto ( Canada) in July 2000. His desire for animal husbandry and animal improvement through breeding led to participate in international cattle shows. In November 1978, Sri Satguru Ji laid the foundation stone of the Peace Temple.Awards
  • SGJS has been bestowed with numerous honours including Gopal Ratan’ in 1965 in recognition of his valuable contribution for the husbandry , improvement and health care of cows .
  • For his charitable activity, the Doctors Association, Ludhiana honored him with ‘ Dharam Rakhyak ” Award
  • The International Bhai Mardana Kirtan Darbar Society bestowed him with ‘Bhai Mardana Award’ due to his singular efforts to conserve and promote old traditions of gurbani kirtan. For the promotion of classical music and to prepare a number of musicians, the Baba Hariballabh Sangeet Darbar Society honored him with an award of ‘Sangeetacharaya’ .
  • Ustad Amjad Ali Khan presented Satguru Ji with an award of ‘Sangeet Maneeshi’ on behalf of the Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan Memorial Society at Sarod Ghar , Gawalior on 4 November 1999.

    The Rain God comes to Southall

The people of England were perturbed with the prolonged spell of drought in 1978 and there were approbation for Sri Satguru Ji in Europe. The drought was rampant and it was feared that lest there be a famine like situation. Lest there be a problem of drinking water. The scientists were struggling to find some solution but nothing was coming forward. The weather man predicted long spell of drought. Sri Satguru Ji happened to be in Southall in the month of August. The prominent British people and Indians living there appealed to Sri Satguru Ji for the rains. Giving them solace Sri Satguru Ji said, ” Tomorrow we will perform Ardas after the bhog of Asa Ji di Waar; we can only pray before the God Almighty; in case our prayer is accepted, there is sure to be rain”. The next day received rains that continued falling the whole day. The electronic and print media of England projected Sri Satguru Ji as a ‘ Rain God’.

All the above was achieved despite having travelled hundreds of thousands of miles, incorporating all the continents where He has sown seeds of Sikhism, propagated the Sikh religion, and called for world peace. True to his name, Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji conquered the entire world.

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